City Hall


The city hall of Ménerval is located in the North-West of France in the Seine-Maritime department:

​Mairie de Ménerval
1 place de la Mairie – 76220 Ménerval.

(Seine-Maritime department, Normandy region)

+33 (0)2 35 90 66 69

The city hall is managed by the mayor Alain BEAUFILS who took office as mayor on 05/18/2020 following the 2020 municipal elections.

Mr. Alain BEAUFILS, who heads a municipal council composed of 11 elected city councilors, is 53 and works as a technician.

The city of Ménerval is a small Haute-Normandie city with a population of 173 Ménervillois residents distributed over about 4.6 sq mi (12.58 km²). And a density of 37.61/sq mi (13.75/km²).

It is located near the municipalities of Doudeauville, Dampierre-en-Bray, Saumont-la-Poterie and Haussez.

The Municipal Council is made up of:

  • ​Mr. BEAUFILS Alain Maire
  • Mr. CORDIER Arnaud Premier adjoint
  • Mr. PARESY Benoît Deuxième adjoint
  • Mr. PICOUET Frédéric Troisième adjoint
  • Mr. DION David
  • Mrs DUPONT Delphine
  • Mrs GUEDIN Edwige
  • Mr. HENNETIER Fernand
  • Mr. MARCDARGENT Emmanuel
  • Mrs NEHOU Nadeige
  • Mr. VAN DEN BROUCKE Quentin Secrétaire

Commission “Church works”

The officials elected as of June 20, 2020 in the “Church Restoration” commission chaired by the Mayor Mr. Alain BEAUFILS are as follows:

    • Mrs DUPONT,
    • Mr. DION,
    • Mr. PICOUET,

During the last Council’s meeting, under the item of the agenda
“Order of service of the architect for the works of the Church of Notre-Dame”

After deliberations, the Municipal Council, decided:

1) to approve the order to proceed officially with the restoration of the Notre-Dame Church by the architect Mme Petit and in particular the PRO / DCE phase amounting to a total of € 7,769.97 excl. tax (i.e. € 9,323.97 incl. taxes),
2) to authorize the mayor to sign this service order as well as any administrative document(s) resulting from the execution of this mission.