City Hall News About Project


The members of the “Church work” Commission chaired by the Mayor Mr. Alain BEAUFILS, met on August 26, 2020 as per the agenda set during the previous meeting on August 12 (at that occasion, no meetings minutes were taken since it was decided to postpone most of the questions to the reopening of the City Hall after summer break).

During the third meeting of the summer, were present:


and, for the second part of the discussions:

Mrs. Marie-Françoise CHEVALLIER LE PAGE, resident of Ménerval, invited as an “expert” on certain legal, administrative and financial aspects, as well as communication aspects – with a focus on digital communication.

The Commission’s members had previously agreed to ask Mrs. CHEVALLIER LE PAGE to explore the various options to collect subsidies and donations to supplement the budget previously voted by the Municipal Council. She had also offered to build and host a website in a volunteer capacity.

On August 13, the third Deputy – F. Picouet – addressed two emails to all the members of the Municipal Council to collect their tentative oppositions to the project of co-optation of Mrs. Chevallier Le Page within the aforementioned Commission. As there were no opposition voices, the project was unanimously voted on August 26 by the Commission’s members all present.

During this Commission’s meeting and after deliberation, the Mayor and the Commission’s members unanimously decided:
1) To change the name “Church Work Commission” into “Heritage Commission”;
2) To confirm the previous approval of the co-optation of Mrs. CHEVALLIER LE PAGE – President-elect of the association SAUVONS NOTRE-DAME DE MÉNERVAL – as an unelected member of the said commission. And – under the aegis of the Mayor and in partnership with the elected members of the Commission – to entrust her the mission to pursue the project’s communication and to seek various grants and donations.